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A classic masala chai- Assam black tea and fresh spices. 

We blend our chai in small batches, by hand in Chico, California, from organic spices and fair trade tea.

Instructions for a cup of chai:
For a nice strong cup of masala chai (sometimes known as a "chai latte" in the US), boil on the stovetop in water, add milk/alt milk and sugar and boil again, then strain into a cup. Customize as desired. (Complete instructions included on package)

Are your mornings a little too busy to brew chai on the stove every morning? No problem, you can make your own chai concentrate from this blend!
(Chai Concentrate recipe here)


Each 4oz tin makes about 30 cups of chai
Each 1lb. bag makes about 120 cups of chai

Direct trade organic Assam tea, organic nutmeg, organic cinnamon, biodynamically-grown cardamom, organic ginger, organic pepper, organic orange peel, organic star anise, organic cloves.

Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly surprised

Been all over India and the Middle East on their various versions of Masala. However, most recently also been trying out US based blends. Chico Chai is my family's preferred blend. We have also tried Kolkata Chai from NY and it does not compare. This is after testing out various ways of brewing. Chico Chai has converted a new loyal client.

Best Chai EVER

I have looked for the perfect chai for YEARS. This is by far, the best. It's the perfect spice and their chai concentrate recipe is phenomenal.

Steve TenHoor


Lea Betty
Best Chai

This is the best chai I've had, and I've tried a lot. It's my daily morning beverage. Good hot or cold. So good using their brew instructions on the stovetop on days you can savor the experience. Just as good with a hot water steep and a splash of milk for every day drinking. I always have it on hand and love giving it as gifts.

Best Chai there is! 💕

I discovered Chico Chai in my tea subscription box. I love intensely spicy chais, and this one takes the cake! Hardly any bitterness or astringency when I steep it too long, and utterly perfect with some sweetener and milk of choice. Loose leaf is a little more laborious that bagged tea/pre-made mixes, but it’s worth every second. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻