June 10, 2024

Cold Brew Iced Summer Oolong

By Carlyn Guerrero
Cold Brew Iced Summer Oolong

Our new seasonal blend and market special are now available online and at the Saturday morning Downtown Chico Farmers' Market - Summer Oolong!

Qilan oolong + biodynamic ally-grown cardamom + organic coriander
So easy to cold-brew in the fridge, with one of our pitchers!

Here's how you do it:

1. Add chai to a jar, carafe or your cold brew iced tea pitcher (1.5 tsp chai to 1 cup of water)

2. Fill with cool water and cover

3. Leave in your fridge overnight

4. In the morning, strain spices our and serve over ice

It's that easy, enjoy your Iced Summer Oolong!