Our Products

 Loose Leaf Chico Chai

Our loose leaf chai is great way to brew your own fresh chai on the stovetop. You can brew it to your own taste (and it makes your house smell amazing!)
Our Original blend makes a great traditional masala chai, our Red Chai is a great caffeine-free option, our Turmeric Chai is delicious way to incorporate turmeric into your routine and our Chocolate Chai is unique- spices and black tea combined with locally roasted cacao. 

Available at stores in Northern California and our online store.

Iced Chico Chai with Beber Fresh Almondmilk

A match made in Chico CA, this ready-to-drink iced chai combines our blend of fair trade tea and organic, fresh ground spices with Beber Fresh Almondmilk (the best almondmilk we've ever tasted). It's spicy, sweet, creamy, 100% refreshing and ready for you to enjoy as soon as you take the cap off!

Available at grocery stores and Farmer's Markets throughout Northern California and the Bay Area.

Chico Chai Concentrate

A strong, spicy brew, ready to be mixed with milk and heated or poured over ice, for a lovely “chai latte”, more accurately called a masala chai. Chico Chai is brewed by hand, from whole, organic ingredients, and is less sweet than mainstream chai. Each batch is made without preservatives, it’s simply brewed and refrigerated for a unique, fresh flavor. Available in glass bottles and gallons.

Concentrate is solely available in our home region of Northern California.

Turmeric Concentrate

We brew our Turmeric Concentrate carefully by hand, using Diaspora turmeric (direct-sourced from South India) and fresh-ground spices like cardamom and ginger. Mix with milk and steam or pour over ice for a fantastic turmeric latte. This caffeine-free herbal elixir is unsweetened, the mild spices are meant to be balanced with milk alone, but a little honey or date syrup can be added to your preference.

Available at select coffeehouses in Northern California