March 20, 2024

Cold Brew your Spring Matcha

By Carlyn Guerrero
Cold Brew your Spring Matcha
Happy Spring!
Our seasonal blend, Spring Matcha is finally here. 
This blend features matcha from Mizuba Tea Co and sencha green teas, blended with mild bright spices to celebrate springtime.
Here's a quick guide on how to cold brew yours in just a few simple steps:
  • Use the ratio 1.5tsp of chai to 1 cup of water
  • Add chai to jar or carafe
  • Fill your container with cool water and cover
  • Leave tea steeping in your fridge over night
  • In the morning, strain spices over ice
  • Add a touch of honey to sweeten or enjoy as is
Thats it! Enjoy your cold brewed Spring Matcha!