May 09, 2023

Chai for Mom & Black Mamas Bail Out!

By Sarah Adams

It's not too late to remember something nice for your mom (or someone who has cared for you like a mom). A new little teapot with some fresh chai, a chai candle, or a gift certificate so she can choose her own (scroll down for my favorites).

It's also time for our annual Mother's Day Black Mamas Bail Out fundraiser. This drive helps get moms and caregivers home to their families while they await trial, instead of waiting in jail, simply because of a lack of funds. (There's so much more to say about the importance of this fund, but I'll let the organizers speak for themselves-click on the link above for more info). We're donating 50% of the profits from every online purchase of our popular Original chai, from now until Mother's Day.

When I first heard of this fund a few years ago, I jumped on it. As a brand new mom, I couldn't imagine being separated from my baby just because I didn't have enough money for bail. My daughter is now four, and I plan on continuing this fundraiser every year, in her honor.

Thanks so much for supporting Black Mamas Bail Out, my small business and my tiny family!

Love, Sarah